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You're an entrepreneur. You have a business to run.
Your time is valuable.'re not a lawyer. You donít have the time or interest to become one (understandably!). You know that legal issues can creep up and make a mess of your business if you donít know how to identify them in advance.

Plus, you need to get this information and absorb it ó fast. You need it in a handy format that won't weigh you down. Created for real entrepreneurs ó not filled with legalese.

Want to protect your company and save thousands of dollars in avoidable legal fees?

For easy-to-understand information on small business legal issues,
youíve come to the right place.

Donít know where to begin? 

Take a look at our new featured program, The Entrepreneur's Prenup...

Taking on a business partner is not a decision to be made lightly. Itís much like getting married. So take your time. Remember, a healthy partnership is a living, breathing entity. Itís perfectly natural for your answers to many of the questions here to shift and vary over time. With the tools provided to you in The Entrepreneur's Prenup you will always have the partnership guidance you need, regardless of where you are in your partnership process.


Or Think about starting with our Legal Health Checklist to gauge where your business lies on the risk spectrum.  Then, find an attorney to help reduce those risks and give your company better legal health.  Build stronger agreements with clients and vendors with our contract guides on common pitfalls and reading the fine print.  And keep your cash flow flowing by training your clients well!

No matter what business youíre in, these basics will help you plan for growth and manage your risks!

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